bridgette (b1ackra1nb0w) wrote,


that's right!!
chris popped the question!

he told me a couple weeks ago that we were gonna get a hotel in pittsburgh so we could spend some time alone and maybe do some shopping. he didn't tell me all of the details no matter how much i begged.
come monday when he came to pick me up for this pittsburgh expedition, he started going a complete different direction. i pointed that out and all he said was "i know". eventually he showed me the brochure of where we were really going.
a 3 story cabin in amish country. when we got there we entered through the bottom floor and there was an indoor waterfall and a heartshaped jacuzzi in it's own little loft. upstairs was the kitchen and living room w/ a fireplace and the upstairs loft had the bedroom.
we sat by the fire and talked for a while then he cooked me dinner (chicken parm, my favorite). after that we went back to the couch and he got all shaky and started giving me his speal on how much he loves me and all that good stuff and eventually said "will you marry me". the ring is gorgous and here is a link to the cabin:

the rest of the night is private. :)

i'ma put pictures up of the cabin later tonight on facebook and myspace. if i remember.
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